Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gutterball, is a performance piece integrating music, theatre and architecture. It was made for an abandoned bowling alley/studio at a former military base. Two figures tirelessly push a wheeled box set into the gutters of a two-lane alley, while attached megaphone appendages project a low, muffled rumble like the sound of a gutterball. The audience initially views this curious pacing from behind a translucent plastic wall, in a tight corridor, affording them anonymity and distance from the action. At the end of the corridor, they may choose to step onto a harshly lit viewing platform affording unobstructed views of the action and setting which they are now a part of. At intervals, the sound of a chirping bird enters the room through a disguised pipe leading to the outside, reminding the audience of the open spaces beyond this environment. Depending on the viewer, or the place of viewing, this piece has been described as a commentary on industrialization, or a fun game with a large toy.


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